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My name is Sarah Burnett, and I created Balance Is The Key to nurture a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Trauma Specialist, Play Therapist, Parent Coach, Yoga Teacher and dōTERRA Essential Oil Wellness Advocate, I utilize various treatment modalities to help you bring your personal and professional life back into balance. 


I feel passionate about helping individuals clear previous traumas, pain and feelings of helplessness through The RTM Protocol - a neurological intervention that reconsolidates the disturbing memory and clears your post-traumatic stress symptoms so you get back to living the life you were meant to live. Once the limiting self-beliefs and previous traumatic events are fully released, your mind/body/spirit is now free to manifest healthy, positive and joyful patterns and relationships within your life. The transformation is amazing and beautiful to observe. And it not only works with adults, but children too! 


As a Play Therapist, I specialize in working with kids to heal, cope and transition through the rollercoaster of childhood. Play is the natural language of children and toys are their world! Through a variety of expressive and creative modalities kids feel safe to share and process their concerns related to siblings, friends, parents, school, low self-esteem, fears, stress, and sadness. Throughout session kids practice different mindfulness techniques, healthy coping skills and effective communication to ensure they are top of mind when frustrations return outside the office. I work with kids as young as 2-years-old and often through middle school age using play therapy techniques. With young children, parents are included in sessions early on to practice the new limit-setting language and to observe the play therapy process as I role model the language. 


I love working with parents to empower the entire family unit. Parents are the therapeutic agent for change and with a toolbox full of new tangible skills, you’ll feel the family dynamic completely shift. A household full of yelling, arguments and disregard for others will transform into a warm, loving home where all members of the family feel respected and supported. As a Parent Coach, I work directly with the parents to ensure you master the limit-setting language and feel equipped when your child flips their lid and becomes defiant. Positive parenting tools and reward-based structures such as The Marble Jar and the Cozy Corner create a healthy, loving and positive dynamic between parent & child. Parents shift from saying mostly NO and consequences to saying YES and rewarding the good choice with a marble or token.  This new language coupled with the marble jar has been deemed to be “magic” by some of my clients!  My approach engages the entire family system to practice healthy coping skills, utilize constructive communication for conflict resolution, reframe negative self-talk, and role model present moment focus, impulse control and mutual respect. The more involved parents, caregivers and mentors become, the quicker the transformation unfolds and homeostasis returns. 



For the independent tween and teenager, they will learn their own bag of tricks from coping with stress, sadness and peer pressure to setting appropriate boundaries, understanding healthy communication and finding the balance between freedom and responsibility. For all ages, however, you will learn how to step into your power, to speak with clarity and confidence, to trust your intuition and to live your most authentic life. 

I’m here to be your conduit of healing through connection, clarity and a nurturing spirit. Balance IS the key, and a holistic, well-rounded approach to mental health is my philosophy.



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The office is located within the Harbour Bend Office Complex (across the street from Burger Fi and Steinmart). Once you turn in, take your first left and go all the way to the end unit. Suite 500 in the 2989 building is the last one on the corner! You will see my name on the outside door. Please walk in, take a seat and I'll greet you for our appointment.

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