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I love working with parents to empower the entire family unit. Parents are the therapeutic agent for change and with a toolbox full of new tangible skills, you’ll feel the family dynamic completely shift. A household full of yelling, arguments and disregard for others will transform into a warm, loving home where all members of the family feel respected and supported. 

As a Parent Coach, I work directly with the parents to ensure you master the limit-setting language and feel equipped when your child flips their lid and becomes defiant. Positive parenting tools and reward-based structures such as The Marble Jar and the Cozy Corner create a healthy, loving and positive dynamic between parent & child. Parents shift from saying mostly NO and consequences to saying YES and rewarding the good choice with a marble or token.  This new language coupled with the marble jar has been deemed to be “magic” by some of my clients!  

My approach engages the entire family system to practice healthy coping skills, utilize constructive communication for conflict resolution, reframe negative self-talk, and role model present moment focus, impulse control and mutual respect. The more involved parents, caregivers and mentors become, the quicker the transformation unfolds and homeostasis returns.